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New Rescue Alert! We were out doing TNR on Thursday and came across this extremely sick boy. He went to the vet where we found out that he had an absess on the side of his face. He got his lanced, cleaned out, and a drain put in. He got a medicated bath to help treat the mange. He was given pain meds, steroids, and antibiotics. He was also SNAP tested for fiv, FeLV, and heartworm, which were all negative. We thought he was feral, but he ended up being extremely sweet! He has the cutest meow and uses it often to tell us he's a very hungry boy and that he wants some love. He's very thin, and we will be working on him putting on some big boy weight. He is also missing a third of his fur, which will grow back in a few months. We honestly thought he might be one of those cases where they have been fighting for so long that once they get to safety, they let go. His breathing was rapid and shallow, and he was extremely weak. Luckily, he has perked up A LOT after his visit to the vet. We are very hopeful he can make a full recovery. Right now, he is living in our guest restroom 😅. He was too sick for vaccines, so he can't move into the medical ward yet. We have named this beautiful boy Axel Rose 🎸🎤🎶. Stay tuned for updates. We cannot wait for his glow up✨ Thank you to everyone who donates to our cause making all of these special rescues possible ❤️ You guys are the real MVPs.
New Rescue Alert! We were contacted about a cat with a severely broken leg who was getting bullied in his neighborhood. We found out about him right after rescuing Rain and went out to try and find him yesterday. We poked around the neighborhood before finding him sleeping in a flower bed. We lured him out with some food and ended up trapping him with 2 of his friends using our drop trap. We rushed Big Man to the vet where he was hospitalized for the night. He is still at the vet, getting treatment and a full assessment. We do believe he will most likely need an amputation... we have never seen a break that goes out to the side like his. We have named him Hendrix. Please consider donating to Hendrix medical bills. His bill for last night's stay and his assessment today is $362, which does not include his amputation, other medical treatment treatments, or medications.
We have been trying to catch this sick boy for a couple of weeks. We previously TNR'd him, so he was very apprehensive about the drop trap. When we spotted him today, we noticed that his condition had quickly deteriorated. We set up and knew we couldn't give up until we got him. We chased him around for a couple of hours and took off running. We started to get stressed that he was going to pull a Hercules on us IYKYK. Luckily, we were able to get a traditional trap setup, and he went in a few hours later 🤗 Please consider donating to his medical bills and care. We have named him Archie. He will be in at the vet tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.
Nyx was an extremely lucky little guy. He was spotted by one of our friends and colony caretakers when she was out doing her morning feedings. He had a severely injured front leg and head trauma. Luckily, he wasn't feral and was able to be picked up. We contacted our vet @arrowviewanimalhospital_ , and they were able to take him in immediately. He received an emergency surgery and had his leg amputated. During this time, we had one of our previous adopters reach out @_one.eye.eli_ . We weren't ready to preadopt him yet but let them know that if he survived, we thought they would make an amazing forever home for him. Well, Nyx not only recovered, but he thrived. He healed quickly from his amputation, and his head trauma got better over the next 10 days. We officially preadopted him to his new family, who made preparation to get him all the way home to Boston! Thank you to everyone who donated to Nyx's care, making his recovery and adoption possible.
Rain Update! Little man got hospitalized yesterday. When they were trying to take his blood, they found what they had called skin sloughing off. Upon closer inspection, it looks like he has an infection of his right arm. Sloughing can hide an injury and impede healing. The arm itself had to be bandaged so that the sloughing stopped. Doctor said it looked like someone might have tied something around it at some point. The anesthesia reaction was a secondary response as he was already fighting an internal infection. He ideally needs to have surgery, but right now, he wouldn't survive it. We are working on getting him stable enough to have surgery. We went by to visit him today, and he was weak but also very happy to see us. He even chowed down on his favorite food so that we knew he was fighting. Wish little man luck he is going to be hospitalized for the foreseeable future.
New Rescue Alert! During our posting hiatus, we rescued 5 cats, this is one of them. This friendly tuxedo boy was dumped at one of our colonies. This sweet guy came right up to us meowing 😍 He most definitely used to have a family, most likely a family with kids, because he loves our niece and nephew. He is an absolute angel who just wants all the love and affection. He is honestly perfect and will shower his new family with all the love his little body can give. He likes to just sit and indulge in your pets and snuggles. We have named this sweet boy Bond. Bond is available for adoption 🤗 If you're interested in adopting Bond, please fill out an application by visiting the link catsofsanbernardino.org
New Rescue Alert! When our friend Leon was on his way to work this morning, he spotted a cat on the side of a freeway off ramp. He knew he couldn't turn and blind eye and pulled over to help him. He was able to safely secure the big guy in his work truck and called us for help. We got ourselves a carrier and drove to meet Leon. It was immediately apparent that this sweet cat wasn't feral. He let me pick him up, and he curled into my lap. He most definitely had an owner at some point in his life. Upon getting him home, we checked him for a microchip, which he didn't have. He also isn't neutered. We quickly realized that he has an injury to the lower half of his body that is limiting his mobility. He also had mange, ear mites, a broken off tail, and an injury to his toe. We believe he had been on the side of the freeway for an extended amount of time. He was covered in dirt and debris, including tiny rocks and sand. He was also STARVING. We have named this sweet boy Blaze. He will be at our vet tomorrow. Thank you, Leon, for stepping up and saving Blaze's life. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help us continue to save lives like Blaze.
New Rescue Alert! We spotted a couple of kittens at one of our local colonies and wanted to try and get them off of the streets in this terrible weather. Unfortunately, at the first location we went to, we couldn't find the kittens we were looking for. We went to check in on another close by colony to see how they were weathering the storm. You might recognize this as the colony Mercy and Gomez came from. We saw a couple of the feral adult cats and started meowing just to see if there were any younger cats around. Sure enough, a young tuxedo cat popped out from one of the RVs. We spoke to Joe (Mercy's previous owner), who let us know the kitten was a new arrival. Apparently, there are a few other new cats, too. We will be back at this colony on Thursday for live TNR. We hope you can join us 🤗 We have named this beautiful boy Rain. Rain will be at the vet this week for a full checkup and is available for pre-adoption. If you're interested in adopting Rain, please fill out an adoption application by visiting the link in our bio @catsofsanbernardino
We want to say thank you to everyone who has sent us Christmas cards and donations ❤️ Our tree is filled with all of your love. (Photo in stories) Many of your thoughtful messages brought us to tears. We did notice a common theme among your messages... a lot of you mentioned beautiful Santana ❤️ We miss him so much 💔 We wish he knew how many hearts he touched with his strength and love. We hope everyone has a very safe and happy holidays. Hug all of your families and furr babies extra hard this Christmas.
It's been one month since we rescued Odyssey! Look at how far he has come already!! We can now fully see both of his beautiful eyes, the swelling on the bridge of his nose has gone down substantially, and the ulcer to his left eye is almost completed healed and closed up. When we first heard it would be months before we saw any improvement, we were a little heartbroken for our big guy. But he's a trooper and is healing like a little superhero. Besides the obvious improvements of his crypto infection, he is also gaining weight 🤗 He was super thin, and now he's got himself a chunky little belly. He also had a bit of mange when we rescued him which would have been uncomfortable and was causing hair loss and a parted look to his coat. Now that the mange has healed, he's super soft and fluffy. He still has a LONG way to go, but it's extremely encouraging to see his progress so far. We will continue to keep everyone updated on Ody. Ps we know everyone was a little confused about what happened to his eye. He has cryptococcus, which is a fungal infection that can cause terrible ulcers. His left eye was badly affected by the infection. #kittens #cats #cryptococcus
Freedom Run! A little info about these cats for new folks to our page: All of the cats that were released have been spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. They were returned to the same location where we caught them. They all have designated colony caretakers. Meaning they receive food and water every single day. Our caretakers look after these kitties and let us know if they ever need medical attention. We microchip the cats so that we can be notified if they ever come in to harms way. This would deam the area unsafe for future returns. This has never happened. These cats are not a harm to the very URBAN environment that we live in. They are not catching endangered birds. We are in the center of an urban city. If anyone is worried about the wildlife, please ask why humans decided to put a giant city in the center of it. These feral cats are a product of human ignorance and people not spaying and neutering their pets or believing cats are meant to live outside. These cats are feral, they cannot be adopted and domesticating every feral is not an attainable solution. In the amount of time it would take to tame one feral, we could save countless friendly, adoptable cats. Anyone who has a negative opinion on TNR, please tell us what you're doing to fix the feral cat problem. And no, mass euthanasia doesn't work. **WE WILL BE TRAPPING LIVE EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY, SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS!** #tnr #cats #kittens
Odyssey Update! Big boy is still healing, but he's looking so beautiful now. The opening/abcess around his left eye has now completely closed 🤗 He still has swelling in his nose, which looks a bit like a bulb, now that the rest of the swelling has gone down. He is still on his antifungal medication and needs to continue to heal, but he's made amazing progress so far. This big, handsome man is going to make an amazing companion once he's healed. He just so sweet and loving. What do y'all think about his progress thus far? We will continue to keep everyone updated on Odyssey's recovery.
Poor Archie passed away at the hospital 💔 We did everything possible to save him, but his body wasn't strong enough. His temperature and blood sugar were too low to register. Sometimes, when these poor ferals finally get someplace safe, the adrenaline of street life wares off, and they are able to let go. He spent his last 2 nights out of the cold and loved. Thank you to everyone who donated to his vet bills, allowing him to spend his final day/night comfortable in the hospital. We loved you, Archie boy ❤️
Cat with pipe stuck on head, rescued!
New Rescue Alert! Everyone meet Valykrie. This sweet boy has been living on the streets for years. Unfortunately, he started to get sick and that's when we were contacted for help. He was outside of where we usually rescue, but he looks so much like Papa Phoenix. I knew we had to try to help. We said we could take him if anyone could trap him and transport him to us. Unfortunately, it took a few weeks for that to happen, and during that time, someone trapped him and got him neautered and ear tipped. They did so without addressing any of his health concerns, which was shocking to us. Luckily, the finder was able to secure him a week or so later, and he's made his way to us. Although he didn't want to be picked up while out on the street, he is an extremely loving and gentle boy. He was at the vet last week. Where we got him medications and started treating his eyes. He will be back at the vet tomorrow for a clean-up and haircut. Stay tuned for his extreme make over.
New rescue alert! We were contacted about a cat that had plastic piping stuck on her head. She showed up at the colony that we rescued Taylor, Selena, and Austin from. The colony caretaker said that she showed up one morning with the pipe on her and then disappeared for a week. When she returned, she still had the pipe stuck, and that's when she contacted us. She feeds the kitties in a small back garage that she has. We advised her to feed them and then close the door so that we would have a better chance at catching her. After a week of not being able to eat, she was weak and tired, making it possible for us to hand trap her and remove the pipe ourselves. Little lady ended up being extremely sweet. She will be at our vet last this week and then available for adoption. We have named her Andrea ❤️
We lost Mr Majestic yesterday 💔 He had been in the emergency hospital for three days with an extremely low red blood cell count and extremely high white. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go. He left surrounded by love. He had his little face cradled in our hands while receiving comforting pets and loving words. He had too short of a time with us. But during that time, he knew love. The world was too cruel to this poor soul. We're so sorry we couldn't do more you, Mr. M. We loved you so much. This loss has been one of the hardest for us. We feel defeated and lost. We are having trouble eating, sleep, or doing anything. Our eyes are swollen from all the crying. We are both a mess. Our hearts hurt more than we can explain. We are taking a few days off of social media to heal and to focus on the kitties in our care.
Crate Update! We rescued Crate along with 10 kittens from a junkyard. All the babies were so sick at the time, and unfortunately, 3 didn't survive. Crate and her Brother Gamble struggled the most, but both made full recoveries. Crate still gets the occasional runny eyes but is an extremely sweet and beautiful little girl. Crate is a longhaired orange girl, which is pretty rare, with most orange kitties being male. Crate is officially available for adoption! If you're interested in adopting Crate, please fill out an adoption application by visiting the link in our bio @catsofsanbernardino
It's Vet Day! We have little Bambi at the vet today. She is getting her leg assessed, spayed, vaccinated, and general wellness exam. We have 3 female colony cats in for their spay surgeries and vaccinations. Last but not least, we have a new rescue kitten everyone will meet soon. She's tiny and has crusty little eyes. She is getting a wellness check ❤️ Please consider donating to their medical bills and care by visiting the link in our bio @catsofsanbernardino
Taylor and Selena Update! Our beautiful girls found their perfect forever home together ❤️ A little about their backstory for anyone who doesn't remember these girls. We caught Selena and Taylor for TNR when someone reached out for help with a colony they cared for. It was noticed right away by our vet that Taylor wasn't feral. We opted out of the ear tip, and we knew we were going to put her up for adoption. Once we got all the cats home for recovery after their surgeries, we noticed one kitty was meowing and panicking (Selena). It's unusual for a feral to make much noise, so we started assessing the situation, and we were able to handle her. She didn't seem to be in pain, and we couldn't figure out what was wrong.. we did however noticed Taylor started meowing back when Selena would cry. We put Selena right next to Taylor so that they could see each other, and Selena started to try and dig out of her crate to get to her. We immediately put them together, and Selena melted into Taylor, who proceeded to groom her. We don't their relationship to one another, but we know Taylor had one sibling (Austin) whom we got the following week, and they pretended not to know one another 😅 Fast forward a few days, we rescued an extremely injured Mama Cat (Hailey) and her kittens (Olivia and Benson). Hailey was attacked by dogs, and we didn't know if she would survive. She most definitely couldn't care for her newborn kittens. We knew Selena and Taylor were extremely gentle, so we introduced the kittens to them, and they immediately took them in as their own. These two girls had the strongest bond we have ever seen between two cats, and we decided they needed to be together forever. We knew we might be waiting a long time to find 2 adult cats a perfect home where they would be adopted together, but there was no way we were separating them. Fast forward another few months, and we got the perfect application. Our girls were adopted together by the most wonderful mom Julie. They will now get to live their happily every after together forever.
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