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August Gonçalves
What to Do If You See a Shadow Spirit or Person. Have you ever caught a glimpse of a shadow figure out of the corner of your eye and wondered what it could be? In my latest video, I'm diving into the, sometimes scary, world of shadow people and shadow spirits. I'm here to share some insights on what to do if you ever encounter one. Shadow spirits are often misunderstood, and in this video, I demystify the reasons why they appear in our lives. I explain the two main reasons you might see a shadow person: it's either their chosen form of presentation, or it's a reflection of our own limited psychic perceptions. This topic is fascinating and isn't as spooky as it might sound! I approach this subject with a friendly and personal touch, making it easy for anyone to understand. Whether you're a seasoned spirit communicator or just beginning your spiritual journey, this video will shed light on how to interact with the spirit world. I'll guide you on how to communicate with spirit guides and loved ones. Remember, there's no need to fear. Embrace your spiritual awakening and join me in understanding the mysterious presence of shadow spirits. If you're curious to learn more about spirit communication and developing your psychic abilities, check out my profile for more resources. #shadowspirit #shadowpeople #paranormalvideos #ghoststories #fear
August Gonçalves
How to Find Out Your Spirit Guide's Name This video will show you exactly how to find out your spirit guide's name. You'll learn that we're surrounded by an infinite number of spirit guides in the energetic realms. But the key to truly connecting with them is clarity and specificity in what you seek their guidance for. I'll show you the importance of being precise in your requests. Instead of making vague pleas, I'll teach you how to ask for guidance in specific areas of your life, like improving relationships. You'll learn the right way to call upon your spirit guide and the crucial questions to ask. I'll even share a personal experience that reveals why asking for a guide's name might not be as straightforward as it seems. This video is perfect for you if you're curious about spirit guides and want to enhance your spiritual journey. Whether you're a beginner or have been exploring spirituality for a while, you'll find this guide easy to understand and apply. So, get ready to step into a world of deeper spiritual connections and discover the supportive presence of your spirit guides. #spiritguides #spiritguidesmessage #spiritualhealing #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening
August Gonçalves
Unlocking Clairyoyance: Seeing Beyond the Physical Eyes Ever wondered why some people claim to see spirits while others don't? In my newest video, I'm unraveling this mystery and sharing with you the real way clairvoyance works. You'll be surprised to know that everyone has the ability to see spirits, and it's not about having special eyes or extraordinary powers. I address the common misconceptions perpetuated by many new age mediums who depict spirit communication in an unrealistic manner. They often suggest that they can see a physical apparition that others can't, but this is far from the truth. If a spirit does physically manifest, which is rare, it's visible to everyone present. The key to seeing spirits is understanding how to perceive them correctly. It's not about seeing with your physical eyes but with your mind's eye, similar to how you see a memory. This process begins by feeling the spirit's energy, which then paints an image in your mind. Next time you sense a loved one's presence, I encourage you to tune into the energy around you. My goal is to demystify spirit communication and make it accessible to everyone. Whether you're starting fresh on your spiritual journey or have been exploring spirituality for a while, this video offers valuable insights into connecting with the spirit world. For those who wish to dive deeper into this fascinating world, be sure to check out my mentorship program for more guidance. So, are you ready to explore the true way to perceive spirits? Watch the video and embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and connection. #clairvoyant #spiritcommunication #psychicmedium #spiritworld #afterlife
August Gonçalves
How to Understand Spirit Guide Messages: A Simple Guide to Understanding Signs. Have you ever wondered what those special signs from the universe really mean? In my latest video, I share an incredibly simple yet powerful method to decipher the messages behind signs like angel numbers, unexpected animal visits, and other spiritual symbols. Discover how to tune into your body's unique reactions to these signs and understand the profound messages they carry. This isn't about looking up interpretations online; it's about a personal journey where you connect deeply with the energies around you. I'll guide you through recognizing the physical sensations that indicate a true spiritual message, helping you to see, hear, feel, or intuitively know the guidance being offered. Whether it's a gentle tingle, a sudden vibration, or a lightness in your chest, learn to interpret these spirit guide signs. #signsfromtheuniverse #spiritguidesmessage #spiritualsigns #spiritualawakening #synchonicity
August Gonçalves
Can spirits touch us or cause us to do things without our permission? Here's everything you need to know. #spiritualattack #negativeenergy #evilspirit #spiritualprotection
August Gonçalves
How to Talk to Deceased Loved Ones #deceasedlovedones #spiritcommunication #mediumship
August Gonçalves
Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit: Simple Steps to Have Visitation Dream Have you ever longed to reconnect with a loved one who has passed away? In this video, I share a comforting method to invite your loved ones to visit you in dreams. It's a profound experience that feels incredibly real, and there's a good reason for that – you're not just dreaming; you're actually meeting them in the spirit world. I'll explain the fascinating process of how thinking about your loved ones during the day, and particularly as you drift off to sleep, can bring their energy closer to yours. This makes it easier for you to experience them when your conscious mind relaxes in sleep. You'll find out why these spirit visitation dreams feel so vivid and real, and I'll guide you through the simple steps to make this happen. But there's more. I also reveal a much easier method for communicating with your loved ones, beyond these dream encounters. So, if you're seeking a deeper connection with those who've passed on, follow me on this journey of spiritual discovery and heartfelt reconnection. Join me as we explore the process of connecting with loved ones in the spirit world through dreams, and learn the simple technique that makes it possible. This is your chance to experience the loving presence of those you miss, in a way that is both profound and deeply personal. #visitationdream #lovedones #passedaway #grief #lossofalovedone
August Gonçalves
Do Spirits Attend Their Own Funerals? Ever wondered if spirits attend their own funerals? Spoiler alert: Yes, they do, but not in the way you might expect. Spirits aren't like ghostly figures wandering and mingling among us. Instead, they are pure energy, omnipresent across all planes and dimensions. I explain how we, too, are spirits, with a part of our energy focused in our physical bodies. But, what happens when these bodies cease to exist? Our energy transitions, moving beyond the physical realm. I delve into how our loved ones visit us from the afterlife, especially during emotionally charged events like funerals. You'll learn how the collective thoughts of mourners at a funeral can summon the awareness of a loved one. It's a powerful moment when you feel the presence of your loved one through the energy around you. This video is perfect for anyone curious about the afterlife, spiritual energy, and the deep connection we share with those who have passed on. Remember, understanding the spirit world isn't just about knowledge; it's about feeling and experiencing the energy around us. Join me as we explore the afterlife. #lossofalovedone #afterlife #lovedonesgone #grief #funeral
August Gonçalves
Do deceased loved ones got to their own funeral. #afterlife #berevedparents #lovedone #lossofalovedone
August Gonçalves
How to Hear Your Loved Ones in Spirit Hey there! I'm sharing a little-known secret about connecting with loved ones in the spirit world. Many believe that hearing spirits involves an audible whisper, but the truth is much more intriguing and accessible. I reveal how spirit communication aligns with your dominant psychic sense, and for most people, this is through psychic knowing – what you often call a 'gut feeling.' This form of communication is like a rapid download of information directly to your mind, so quick that many of us overlook it or don't even realize it's happening. It's one of the simplest yet most profound ways to hear messages from those who have passed on. In this video, I make these concepts easy to understand, breaking down the barriers of fear and uncertainty that often surround spirit communication. If you've ever experienced a sudden, unexplained thought that felt like it came from nowhere, you might have already been in touch with a loved one in the spirit world. This video will help you recognize and understand these moments. For those looking to explore deeper and refine their psychic abilities, I encourage you to check out my mentorship program. It's a journey of personal and spiritual growth, where you can learn to embrace and enhance your natural psychic senses. Are you ready to open up to a new form of spiritual communication? Watch the video and discover how to hear your loved ones in a whole new way. #lovedonesinspirit #spiritcommunication #clairaudient #lossofalovedone #psychicmedium
August Gonçalves
How to Remember Every Dream You Have: A Guide to Dream Recall Have you ever woken up and knew you had a dream but couldn't remember anything about it? In this video, I share a straightforward and effective method to remember every dream you have. Whether you rarely remember your dreams or simply want to enhance your dream recall, this video is your key to unlocking the secrets of your subconscious mind. Dreams can offer profound insights into our unconscious beliefs, habits and patterns we're stuck in. Remembering them is the first step in exploring our subconscious. Watch this video to begin your journey into the fascinating world of dreams and uncover the hidden messages they may hold. If you find value in this content and are interested in learning more about the benefits of dream journaling, let me know, and I'll create more videos on this topic. Join me in this journey and start remembering your dreams tonight! #dreams #dreamrecall #dreamjournal #subconsciousmind #howtorememberyourdreams
August Gonçalves
My Spiritual Awakening Story: From Skeptic to Spirit Communicator Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than what meets the eye? In this video, I share my incredible journey from a skeptic to a believer in the power of spirit communication. Discover how my initial encounters with the spirit world transformed my understanding and led me on a quest for deeper spiritual insights. I'll take you through my years of exploration, study, and experimentation, revealing how I finally unlocked the secrets to connecting with the spirit world. You'll hear about my experiences with spirits, my travels to various spiritual retreats, and the valuable lessons I learned along the way. But more importantly, I'll share how my personal insights and unconventional approach helped others in their spiritual quests, leading me to realize my true calling and life purpose. This video isn't just my story; it's a testament to the incredible potential within us all to connect with something greater. Whether you're a long-time spiritual explorer or just starting your spiritual journey, you'll find inspiration and practical wisdom in my journey. Join me as I demystify the spirit world. #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #spiritworld #mediumshipdevelopment #psychicdevelopment #spiritualtiktok
August Gonçalves
How to Develop Your Spiritual Gifts: The 16 Stages You Must Go Through First Have you ever wondered how long it takes to develop your spiritual gifts, or if you even have any? You're not the only one! My journey, much like yours, began with a faint belief in the unseen, the intuitive, and the energetically connected realms that surround us. In this video, I take you by the hand, leading you through each stage of awakening your abilities, from the initial realization of your potential to the mastery of your psychic gifts. Embarking on this spiritual journey can feel daunting, especially when faced with self-doubt or skepticism from others. Yet, I'm here to show you that accessing and refining your spiritual abilities is not only possible but also very easy. This guide is for those who yearn to explore their psychic side, desire to understand the depths of their abilities, and aim to integrate these gifts seamlessly into everyday life. We'll navigate the common hurdles together, from overcoming the fear of judgment to breaking through the myths of difficulty that surround spiritual practices. I'll share insights into how research, mentorship, and practice can transform your connection to the spiritual realm, offering practical advice on selecting spiritual teachers, deepening your understanding, and gaining control over your mediumship. This video is a call to those ready to challenge the status quo, to push beyond the frustration stages, and to discover the simplicity and joy in using their spiritual gifts. It's about moving from confusion to clarity, from random occurrences to deliberate spiritual engagement, and from feeling like an impostor to becoming a confident, connected psychic practitioner. Whether you're giving practice readings, seeking to understand the subtle signs of being "off" or "on," or learning to distinguish between imagination and authentic spirit communication, this guide is your ally. I'll help you recognize the significance of each stage, from the struggles with meditation to the breakthroughs that come with persistence and belief in your journey. Join me as we explore the transformative power of spirit communication, the nuances of psychic energy, and the undeniable impact of spiritual gifts on decision-making and personal growth. Your path to spiritual awakening and psychic mastery begins here. Embrace the journey, unlock your potential, and let's uncover the incredible abilities that lie within you. #spiritualgifts #psychicabilities #intuitivereading #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney
August Gonçalves
Downloads from the spirit world. #spiritualjourney #spiritcommunication #download #clairgognizance #gutfeeling
August Gonçalves
A Beginner's Guide to Spirit Communication: How to Tell Your Thoughts from Spirit Messages Are you curious about connecting with your spirit guides or loved ones but find it challenging to differentiate between your own thoughts and their messages? I'm here to guide you through this common hurdle in spirit communication with some simple, yet powerful techniques. I'll demystify the process of spirit communication and share with you a straightforward method to discern true spirit communication. You might feel like you're just imagining things at first, but trust me, with a little practice and attention to your body, you'll start to experience unmistakable signs. I'll walk you through the steps to ask your spirit guides for clear 'yes' or 'no' answers and how to interpret these responses through physical sensations like tingles or chills. This approach is perfect for beginners and those who are just starting their spiritual journey. It's designed to be easily understood and to help you build confidence in your spiritual gifts. So, come join me in this adventure and start your journey towards effective and meaningful spirit communication. Let's embark on this journey together and explore the amazing world of spirit communication! #mediumshipdevelopment #spiritcommunication #spiritguidesmessage #spiritualawakening #spiritworld
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