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Tribe! I’ve been wanting to educate you about this for a long time. Share with your friends 👇🏾 Here are the list of ingredients in most store bought almond milks: •Caraagenan: linked to IBS, IBD, gastritis, diverticulitis, or any other kind of GI distress. •Vitamin A Palmitate: LINKED TO birth defects and bone fractures while providing zero health benefits. joint disorders, osteoporosis, extreme dryness of eyes, mouth and skin, enlargement of liver and spleen, irritability, drowsiness, , fatigue,insomnia, abdominal pain, blurred vision, headache, hair loss, muscle pain with weakness, menstrual abnormalities, seizures, nausea, and immune suppression. •Synthetic vitamins: DI-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (vitaminE) Vitamin D2 Calcium Carbonate (CHALK, yes CHALK) #childofGod ————————————————————————— ¡Tribu! Llevo mucho tiempo queriendo educarte sobre esto. Comparte con tus amigos 👇🏾 Para hacer tu propia leche super fácilmente compra mantequilla orgánica de almendras. Usa una cucharada en 10oz de agua y ahí tienes la manera más fácil y saludable de este alternativo a la leche de vaca Aquí está la lista de ingredientes de la mayoría de las leches de almendras compradas en la tienda: •Caraagenano: relacionado con SII, EII, gastritis, diverticulitis o cualquier otro tipo de malestar gastrointestinal. • Palmitato de vitamina A: VINCULADO A defectos de nacimiento y fracturas óseas al tiempo que proporciona cero beneficios para la salud. Trastornos articulares, osteoporosis, sequedad extrema de los ojos, la boca y la piel, agrandamiento del hígado y el bazo, irritabilidad, somnolencia , fatiga, insomnio, dolor abdominal, visión borrosa, dolor de cabeza, pérdida de cabello, dolor muscular con debilidad, anomalías menstruales, convulsiones, náuseas y inmunosupresión. • Vitaminas sintéticas: DI-Alpha Acetato de tocoferol (vitamina E) Vitamina D2 Carbonato de calcio (Tiza—si, TIZA!!!) #hijadecristo #healthy #healthyrecipes #health #Fitness #dairyfree #vegan #plantbased #didyouknow #FitTok #viral #Recipe #tipsandtricks #tips #nutrition #nutritiontips
Tribe, I am starting to do the programming that will be filmed for January. While I was doing it yesterday I thought to share one movement we are adding to the program to make sure we are safely “treating” potential issues most of you will come with and how to get you to prevent pain while we build these bodies to not only look, but feel great. I am very excited for this new phase of programming because I am not doing it alone. The goal is to get you to move like me but start you off with the foundation needed while given you something that will make you look like superwomen. This movement is really beneficial. Anyone can do this for their own benefit including those in pain. You will want to perform this several times a day starting with a few sets of 30-45s holds (if in chronic pain) but please do your own research and be patient with the process. I find this to be an excellent resource for those who want to run, weightlift, spin, or do any activity that requires the lower extremities. Tendon health and making sure we building a functional body is highly important to me and our team. So happy knees and have fun with that one. All of our programming will start you off with the foundation needed to move freely and build that strong body with a 🎂 ☺️! To Join me👇🏽 www.masvida.io/start #childofGod #kneepain #tips
You could be anyone you want to be, don’t let anyone tell you differently, believe in yourself. Your body is an incredible machine, let’s have fun with this one 🔥 Tag a friend, and let’s move! #childofgod #hijadecristo #trainlikeme #animalflow #mobility
Fear (and bad knees) kill more dreams than failure ever will 🤭🩷 Well hello there my tribe, I’ve missed you. Save the date 1/15/24 because these programs I am about to drop will change your life! I have never been off my routine for so long, but the programs we have been putting together for this year require a lot of time and energy. I’m just happy to be back into element. Today was the first day I’ve felt like myself. Time to put in the work with the community. The first phase of my gym program drops very soon. Happy Friday my ladies! #childofgod #mobility #challenge
Save it and share it, if you find it helpful! You will probably not start where I am on this video. But consistency with this one movement will not only get you stronger, but get you out of pain. Start farther from the wall even using support like yoga blocks if you need it. Start where you are, and build on it. Stretching the quadriceps and anterior muscles of the hip joints help increase mobility, flexibility, and range of motion in the knee and hip joints reducing pain in all those areas. Hope you like this one. Happy moving ladies and gents… #trainlikeme #childofgod #Fitness #mobility #stretching
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