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Marcela Collier
“It’s been a month since the last time I yelled at my daughter…” This was a message I got from a mom who started applying the 3 skills to master calm in her children’s chaos: 1. She learned the skill of understanding the root of her yelling which is the preconditioned responses she got from the way she grew up. 2. She learned the skill of calming herself down before reacting. 3. She learned the skill of repair, which is restoring the relationship with her children after growing up with yelling. 👉She learned these 3 skills in The Break The Yelling Cycle Online Course, that btw, it’s going to be 50% off all week from July 9th to July 13th. Like her, 498 parents broke their yelling cycle once they learned these 3 skills in our best seller course, ‘Break The Yelling Cycle.’ #a#autismmoma#adhdmom#c#consciousparentingC#CalmParenting#r#respectfulparenting#p#peacefulparenting#p#parentingclasses#p#parentingwithunderstanding#m#marcelacollier#hicparenting#greenscreen
Marcela Collier
Is your child a sensory seeker? Let me know Those are part of your child’s sensory needs, and all of us humans have sensory needs at different levels. The answer is not to stop the aggression but to equip our children with better ways to meet their sensory needs. ✅So they can find better ways to release their energy but in a healthy way P.S. The replay of our Sensory Needs Event is up 🥰. You can purchase it now. Link in my bl⭕️ You’ll learn…. ✅ How to recognize and understand your child’s sensory needs to create a smoother daily routine. ✅ How to transform sensory-seeking behaviors like hitting, throwing, and biting to healthy release of energy. ✅ How to support sensory-avoiding behaviors, making hygiene, mealtime and dressing less of a struggle. ✅ How to become a Secure parent who responds confidently to your child’s unique sensory needs. $350 value coaching session for just $17 by grabbing the replay 🥰🥰. #pickytoddler #aggressivetoddler #autismmom #autisticmom #spdmom #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #parentingwithunderstanding #hicparenting #marcelacollier
Marcela Collier
Consequences are overrated 👇 They are due seldom times in my house. My twins correct own behavior most of the time because I focus on skill development over inflicting pain through punishments that don’t work the long term I’ve helped directly 477 parents correct behaviors the long term, and I would love to help you as well 👇 Join Our LIVE Workshop: The U.S.E Framework - Transforming Child Behavior with Ease on July 23rd at 9 am PST | 10 am MST | 11 am CST | 12 pm EST 👉Save your seat inbio👉👉 After the workshop, you will walk away knowing exactly… ✅How to respond to your child’s needs accurately EVERY SINGLE TIME. ✅How to spot a power struggle coming and calm things down before they get wild. ✅How to correct any behavior for the long term, ensuring you see less of it every single time. ✅ How to become a Secure parent who is able to assertively respond instead of reacting. And much more. #autismmom #adhdmom #consciousparenting #CalmParenting #respectfulparenting #peacefulparenting #parentingclasses #parentingwithunderstanding #marcelacollier #hicparenting #twinmom #twinparents
Marcela Collier
“Gentle parenting is for gentle children.” If this were true, then neurodivergent children can’t be parented respectfully because they are usually more sensitive to everything. So they tend to whine and be aggressive sometimes. (Not all). I’ve been gentle parenting my children from birth using my Parenting With Understanding™️ method of needs and can’t imagine something different. On July 23th, we have our next Zoom Workshop, and I’ll be teaching you Parenting With Understanding so you can manage any behavior with ease 🤩🤩. Registration opens July 16th #autismmom #adhdmom #consciousparenting #CalmParenting #respectfulparenting #peacefulparenting #parentingclasses #parentingwithunderstanding #marcelacollier #hicparenting #twinmom #twinparents
Marcela Collier
You can break out of disciplining with shame, guilt, and labels. 👇 Many parents come to our classes at a crossroads, yearning to discipline their children with kindness and empathy, but feel stuck in old patterns. We helped them learn that our children thrive best when they’re treated with unconditional positive regard and equipped with the skills to make good choices. So now instead of focusing on punishment, they can focus on connection and guidance. Need more support? 👉link in bio to sign up for the live Q&A with me on April 9th at 8 PM EST. By attending, you’ll: 💡 Gain new insights and strategies to overcome your reactivity. 💡Receive personalized support and guidance. 💡Leave aside the guesswork and get tailored solutions. #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #consciousparenting #parentingwithunderstanding #marcelacollier #hicparenting
Marcela Collier
When I learned parenting With Understanding™️ of my child’s needs, I discovered 👇 👉Children are not rude, violent, bad, dramatic, disrespectful… They have pressing needs and they communicate their needs through their behaviors. I became obsessed on the topic, and I became a parenting coach. In 2020 I founded HIC Parenting Education Agency to help parents all over the world bring peace to their parenting and raise emotionally healthy children. 10k parents have transformed their families from chaos and lack of communication to peace and understanding using Parenting With Understanding™️ ✅So many parent’s reporting: 👉End of morning chaos and better listening 👉Feeling calmer and connected 👉Their spouses finally get on board with a more respectful parenting style. If you are transitioning from conventional parenting, and need more than just social media to learn how to teach your children positive behavior… I designed a workshop where I explain the U.S.E process from the Parenting With Understanding™️ methodology to correct any behavior with ease. 👉Grab the replay + workbook for just $7 US. On my website 🔗👉 After the workshop, you will walk away knowing exactly… ✅How to respond to your child’s needs accurately EVERY SINGLE TIME. ✅How to spot a power struggle coming and calm things down before they get wild. ✅How to correct any behavior for the long term, ensuring you see less of it every single time. ✅ How to become a Secure parent who is able to assertively respond instead of reacting. And much more. #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #consciousparenting #parentingtips #parentingwithunderstanding #marcelacollier #hicparenting#onthisday
Marcela Collier
Autism helps me understand my children’s dysregulated moments a lot more. It’s a challenging yet rewarding journey Disclaimer: this was an acting video. I don’t record my child’s vulnerable moments #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #neurodivergentmom #adhdmom #autisticmom #autismmom #consciousparenting #parentingwithunderstanding #marcelacollier #hicparenting
Marcela Collier
One day when my neurodivergent foster son was having an aggressive meltdown, I made him a promise 👇 🙏”Son, I know you are not a violent person, you have big feelings and even though I don’t know how to help you, I promise you I’ll seek the support to become the secure parent you need.” That day I knew something needed to change. I spent 10 years researching and working on understanding his needs, how to manage my emotions and his emotions, and how to give him better tools. With the direct support of parenting coaches and a supportive community of parents, I did 🥰 I became a secure parent, and in return my son became a secure, emotionally healthy child. Imagine you becoming a secure parent this year. It’s possible 👇 The Secure Parent Collective membership is the support system you need to become a secure parent (community + parenting coaches by your side). ✅Imagine being able to ask me and my coaches your specific question and you getting specific guidance tailored to your needs. ✅Imagine not feeling alone anymore because you have a community of parents who are working alongside you to become secure parents. ✅Imagine having access to a collection of practical tools so you can find specific solutions when you need it the most. You get all these when you are a member of The Secure Parent Collective. 🧡Join as founding member for just $47 monthly. Cart closes on April 26th for months. Find it on my website 👉 in profile Next time we open registration the price will be $57 monthly, so hurry don’t let this opportunity pass you by #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #parentingwithunderstanding #positiveparenting #marcelacollier #hicparenting
Marcela Collier
I’m starting to see my inner world with compassion and not judgement. Thanks to my coach @rebecca.lyddon. 🥰🥰 Parenting coaching is so powerful. Yes, I’m a parenting coach and yes, I am under parenting coaching because I cannot never have too much support and knowledge in my motherhood journey. #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting #neurodivergentmom #adhdmom #autismom #consciousparenting #parentingwithunderstanding #marcelacollier #hicparenting